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1.                Name:Naama


2.              Age:12


3.              Location:Tarzana, California

4.              Gender:Female

5.              Describe yourself in 5 words:cute, funny, friendly, energetic, beautiful

6.              Status (if you have a pic we would like to see please!!):


1.                Type of music: Hip Hop

2.              5+ bands or singers: Gwen Stefani, Mario, Usher, Lindsay Lohan, Yankee

3.              5+ actresses or actors: Chad Michael Murray, Queen Latifa, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Johney Dept (sorry dont know how to spell it)

4.              Color: Pink

5.              5+ Stores: Hollister, Abrocombie, Forever 21, Look Good, American Eagle

6.              5+ Shows: Fresh Prince of Belare, Degrassi; the next generasion, Zoey 101, Full House, Gilmore Girls

7.              5+ Movies: White Chicks, Are we there yet?, National Treasure, Hide and Seek, All the Chukie Movies


1.                Hilary or Lindsay:Lindsay

2.              Ashlee or Jessica:Jessica

3.              Bitch or Slut:bitch

4.              Rock or Rap:Rap

5.              Cable or Satellite:Satellite

6.              Rent movies or Buy movies:Buy Movies

7.              Designer or Boutique:Designer

8.              Adam Brody or Chad Michael Murray:Chad Michael Murray (so much better. He is the hottest actor!)

9.              Baby Bottle Pops or Push Pops: Push Pops


1.                Bush’s re-election: No and Yes. I say no because he has to think more about the people that are getting drafted in the war. I say yes because he is helping Israel and that is where I come from.

2.              Abortion: Only if you get raped or are a teenager that still goes to school and wont have enough money and time to spend with the child.

3.              Gay Marriage: Sure why not it is there life.

4.              Paris Hilton:She is pretty but she has to stop revealing most of her body.

5.              Hilary Duff: She is sweet but dont like her music.

6.              Ashlee Simpson: Nice music but I prefer her sister.

7.              Justin Timberlake: Havent seen him in to many public events and he is also not that good by himself.

8.              The O.C.: Dont watch it but many of my friends do

9.              The Beatles: Heard they have nice music but it is to 80's and 70's.

10.        Mods: I think mods are cool. All they have to do is accept someone.

                            The Secret Code Question And More

1.                Are you hot?!? Yes, like a sizzling pot, that’s how hot!

2.              Make us laugh:I can try to

3.              Promote in two live journals and one community (show links!!):

4.              Show one 100x100 picture for the Accpeted or Rejected or Banned list:

5.              Show 3+ pictures of yourself:

The one on the right.

the on all the way on the left.

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