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lil blondie

1.                Name: Sammy


2.              Age:  12


3.              Location: Sherman Oaks, California


4.              Gender: Female


5.              Describe yourself in 5 words: funny, outgoing, friendly, random, and clumsy


6.              Status (if you have a pic we would like to see please!!): Single




1.                Type of music: All excpet country


2.              5+ bands or singers: Interpool, Red hot Chili Peppers, Eminem, Hoobastank. the Killers, Jimmy Eat World, and Blink 182


3.              5+ actresses or actors: Adam Brody, Brittney Murphy, Adam Sandler, Jeniffer Garner, and Jeniffer Anisten( think thats hot you spell it)


4.              Color: Baby Blue and Pink


5.              5+ Stores: Forever 21, Rampage, American Eagle, Pac Sun, Tilly's, Urben Outfitters, and Wet Seal


6.              5+ Shows: OC, Laguna Beach, One Tree Hill, Life as we know it, and Degrassi


7.              5+ Movies: Thirteen, Mean Girls, The Breakfast Club, Daddy Day Care, and Center Stage




1.                Hilary or Lindsay: Lindsay


2.              Ashlee or Jessica: Jessica


3.              Bitch or Slut: bitch lol


4.              Rock or Rap: i like both.......its hard


5.              Cable or Satellite: satellite


6.              Rent movies or Buy movies: Buy


7.              Designer or Boutique: both


8.              Adam Brody or Chad Michael Murray: ehhhhhh Adam because hes hotter and not engaged lol


9.              Baby Bottle Pops or Push Pops: Push Pops




1.                Bush’s re-election: ehhhh I dont really like Kerry Or bush because they are both idiots but I dont know I mean I dont think its right that we are killing so many inisent people but then again we were also trying to save them but it didnt really work so no i dont like it (sorry Sydney Im a Demacrat lol)


2.              Abortion: In some cases Definently like if your 13 and get raped i think its ok because it wouldnt be right to have a baby forced into the world when it wasnt wanted but if your like older a lot older and you were just fooling around un protected and it happens then its your fault so i dont think its right in that case...Im kinda a fence sitter on this one


3.              Gay Marriage: Yes! If you are truely in love then it shouldn't matter whether or not you are a girl or boy!


4.              Paris Hilton: Kinda annoying she always like cravs attention and shes kinda a slut! but really funny on Simple Life lol


5.              Hilary Duff: (this is for you sydney) ANNOYING AND EWWWWW she can not act let alone sing


6.              Ashlee Simpson:  She is really nice i met her and she was nice, her music is ok its not terrible but its not my favorite either


7.              Justin Timberlake: ehhh cant act or ding and he is a wanna-be Micheal Jackson which isnt really a good thing


8.              The O.C.: LOVE IT!! its sucha intense yet funny show ++++++Adam Brody is on it and that says alot


9.              The Beatles: I like some of their songs.......But i wasn't born in that period so yea i like this time periods music better


10.        Mods: I Love them!!! They are my Best friends!! and hott stuff


The Secret Code Question And More


1.                Are you hot?!? I dont know I dont Judge myself


2.              Make us laugh:GAp.jpg


3.              Promote in two live journals and one community (show links!!):


4.              Show one 100x100 picture for the Accpeted or Rejected or Banned list:PicofSammy1.bmp


5.              Show 3+ pictures of yourself:







PS Sydney look at my user icon lol Whats his face

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