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1.                Name:   Emma

2.              Age: 12

3.              Location: Sherman Oaks

4.              Gender: female

5.              Describe yourself in 5 words: funny, outgoing, risky, fun,  random

6.              Status (if you have a pic we would like to see please!!): single


1.                Type of music: anything ...(except country) lol

2.              5+ bands or singers: green day, good charlotte,  ashlee simpson,  kelly clarkson, J Lo

3.              5+ actresses or actors: JLo, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp,Chad Michael Murray, and  Britanny Murpahy

4.              Color: PINK!!

5.              5+ Stores:American Eagle, Abrocrombie and Fitch,  Buffalo Exchange, Macy's, Bloomingdales,  Pac Sun, and  Val Surf

6.              5+ Shows: Friends,  Degrassi, Fear Factor, American Idol, and  Will and  Grace

7.              5+ Movies: Thirteen, Little Black Book, Mean Girls,  Napoleon Dynamite, and  Boogyman  


1.                Hilary or Lindsay: Lindsay

2.              Ashlee or Jessica:Ashlee

3.              Bitch or Slut: Bitch ( neither)

4.              Rock or Rap: Rock

5.              Cable or Satellite: Satellite  (Both are good)

6.              Rent movies or Buy movies: Buy movies

7.              Designer or Boutique: Boutique

8.              Adam Brody or Chad Michael Murray: Chad Michael Murray

9.              Baby Bottle Pops or Push Pops:Baby Bottle Pops


1.                Bush’s re-election: ewww what are they  thinking...

2.              Abortion: Pro chice.. if its an exception

3.              Gay Marriage: Yes Totally

4.              Paris Hilton: Yes i like her i  guess

5.              Hilary Duff: Annoying

6.              Ashlee Simpson: yes sort of bad voice better than jessica

7.              Justin Timberlake: ok sort of gayish

8.              The O.C.: dont watch it

9.              The Beatles: yes  my family come from there

10.        Mods: cool

The Secret Code Question And More

1.                Are you hot?!?  im hot a like a sizzling pot

2.              Make us laugh: yes sry no time for joke

3.              Promote in two live journals and one community (show links!!): i dont know how to do it can you show me?

4.              Show one 100x100 picture for the Accpeted or Rejected or Banned list: im in computer class... i cant

5.              Show 3+ pictures of yourself:i cantin computer i will send then to you another day
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