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Answer to Question Are You Hot?:  Yes, like a sizzling pot, that’s how hot!



1. Name: Lia

2.  Age: 13

3.   Location: Los Angeles

4.    Gender: Female

5.   Describe yourself in 5 words: energetic, fun, cool, random, nice

6.   Status (if you have a pic we would like to see please!!):


1.  Type of music: Rock, Hip Hop, Pop

2.  5+ bands or singers: No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, Green Day, David Bowie, Spice Girls

3. 5+ actresses or actors: Adam Sandler, Adam Brody, Scarlett Johannson, Leo DiCaprio, Drew Barrymore

4.  Color: Orange, Pink

5.  5+ Stores: Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, Crossroads, Wet Seal, Forever 21

6.  5+ Shows: Complete Savages, Laguna Beach, Made, American Idol, Best Week Ever

7.  5+ Movies: Napoleon Dynamite, The Aviator, Cellular, Dickie Roberts, Spice World


1.   Hilary or Lindsay: Lindsay

2.   Ashlee or Jessica: Ashlee

3.  Bitch or Slut: Slut

4.  Rock or Rap: Rock

5.  Cable or Satellite: Satellite

6. Rent movies or Buy movies: Buy Movies

7. Designer or Boutique: Designer

8.  Adam Brody or Chad Michael Murray: Adam Brody!!!

9. Baby Bottle Pops or Push Pops: Push Pops


1.Bush’s re-election: I'm so mad that we actually have to live through that monkey for four more years! I hate it!!!

2. Abortion: Im so for it! Women can be in danger if they don't have it legal!

3. Gay Marriage: People can make their own choices!

4.  Paris Hilton: Beautiful! I love her so much!

5. Hilary Duff: Shes very pretty and sweet, but should stick to acting

6.  Ashlee Simpson: Love her! So pretty and cool

7. Justin Timberlake: Sexy body, awesome singer/dancer

8. The O.C.: Great show! Adam Brody's sexy!

9. The Beatles: Love them so much! Theyre so good

10. Mods: I don't really know them but they seem cool!

The Secret Code Question And More

1. Are you hot?!? Yes, like a sizzling pot, thats how hot!!!

2. Make us laugh: Your mom goes to college!- Kip

3.  Promote in two live journals and one community (show links!!) and

4.  Show one 100x100 picture for the Accpeted or Rejected or Banned list:

5.  Show 3+ pictures of yourself:

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