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1.                Name: Cleo

2.              Age: 13

3.              Location: cali

4.              Gender: female

5.              Describe yourself in 5 words: creative, inspirational, quiet, consious

6.              Status (if you have a pic we would like to see please!!): what does this mean?? hah.


1.                Type of music: 102.7

2.              5+ bands or singers: No Doubt, Green Day, The beatles, maroon 5

3.              5+ actresses or actors: drew barrymore, cameron diaz, lucy lou, hayley du mond, jason dolley, evan ellingson, jesse mccartney...

4.              Color: green, orange, turqouise

5.              5+ Stores: well i dont really have any stores...i just shop anywhere

6.              5+ Shows: Complete Savages, Summerland, OC

7.              5+ Movies: Napoleon Dynamite, Finding Nemo, mean girls, school of rock


1.                Hilary or Lindsay: hilary

2.              Ashlee or Jessica: ashlee

3.              Bitch or Slut: bitch

4.              Rock or Rap: rock

5.              Cable or Satellite: cable

6.              Rent movies or Buy movies: rent

7.              Designer or Boutique: designer

8.              Adam Brody or Chad Michael Murray: Adam

9.              Baby Bottle Pops or Push Pops: push pops


1.                Bush’s re-election: dislike him...a lot!

2.              Abortion: not good

3.              Gay Marriage: YESS

4.              Paris Hilton: yes

5.              Hilary Duff: yes

6.              Ashlee Simpson: yes

7.              Justin Timberlake: eh.

8.              The O.C.: sure

9.              The Beatles: YES!

10.        Mods: LOVE EM TILL IM SICK

The Secret Code Question And More

1.                Are you hot?!?  Yes, like a sizzling pot, that’s how hot

2.              Make us laugh: Is this your boss? is this ur boss?

3.              Promote in two live journals and one community (show links!!):

 spiceup_my_life   ___handmade

4.              Show one 100x100 picture for the Accpeted or Rejected or Banned list:  

5.              Show 3+ pictures of yourself:


woza! :}

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