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ok so heres the votes for erica...and we need to stamp her and make sure that all of us agree with the votes.

sydney -- bann (STRONG NO)
siobhan -- bann (STRONG NO)
sammy -- no
liz -- yes

so that comes out to

banns -- 2
nos -- 1
yes -- 1

so i think thats a bann..but liz has to agree with it before she actually IS banned. but until then erica is....REJECTED!!!!!!
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0kay well since everyone doesnt want her...whatever......i'll just say no...i agree..
ok its settled...goody.
liz you are so mean i am not in your STUPID community cuz i dont ant to but why dio you have ti be si mean to your best friend
best...friend? haha.
ok siobhan that was a joke and liz knew it and yeah she is my best friend maybe cuz u dont want her to doesnt mean were not ok yyeah
wow ur really intellengent...yeah right. ok ur immmature arugments are very uneccesary soou can go ahead and argue by urself.

btw: ur joke wasnt funny. and no one would find it funny either.
sibhan what the hell is your problem? why are you so against me?

omg SIOBHAN i didnt do anything to you and there is NOTHING to think about there is nothing wrong with me........just you
i dont want to deal with u, go away u little ignornant freak.
Honestly, watch what you say to my little sister.
omg u shoukd not say that to my friedn ur the one who is a FREak ok so shut the f*** up u looser / freak dont ever tlk to anyone thy all hate u
oh really. if only u knew what ur great little sister and friend has done to me. shes hurt me so bad. and i'm not putting up with it, so talk all u want, i dont give a damn.
omg siobhan what did i do to you you are the onw who juts decided to hate me and jordy
oh please
siobhan you are the one who is just picking up fights for the fun of it. and its really stupid
i need the banned banner liz
and i also dont know how to post k bye